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Online Mastering

We provide warm & brilliant masters. Our engineers are experienced industry professionals – intuitive, perceptive & have great attention to detail.

We have a no compromise attitude and only use high-end analogue gear to carry out all the important tasks, such as EQ & compression. We use surgical plugins where necessary to get to the areas analogue can’t. Our online mastering service is a no different in attitude of course. We have the tech to allow one to ‘dial in’ for free and listen in real time at high quality without any bespoke software, making online mastering attend-able!

  • Well maintained tape machines for mastering to & off tape
  • Attend your audio mastering session in person or online via a ‘listen in’ option
  • High end analogue & digital equipment used throughout



Audio Mastering is the technical & artistic process of balancing, equalising & enhancing analogue or digital mediums to ensure the finished product attains maximum musicality – to compete in the open music market. Our mastering studio is highly creative, technically & acoustically true.

Rae Morris | Liz Green | Gogo Penguin | Matthew Halsall | Vena Portae | Vessels | Denis Jones |

Mammal Hands | Homelife | Frightened Rabbit | Songs For Walter | Elk | Cowards | Buen Chico |

Mammal Club | Sophies Pigeons | Keith Douga | Alabaster Deplume | The Miserable Rich |

Richard Barry | Glad Eyes | Seerauber Jenny | Amanaplan | Clockwork Radio | Cats in Paris |

Red Deer Club | Table | Nat Birchall | DBH | Crow Foot Records | Nancy Elizabeth |

Paul Thomas Saunders | Stealing Sheep | PLANK | Driver Drive Faster | Heavenly Records |

Static Caravan Records | Leaf Records | Memphis Industries | Lucky Number Records | Wiley |

Gondwana Records | Sony | Columbia | Island Records | Warner Music |

Universal Music

As well as the traditional approach to mastering, we also use ‘Mid Side’ mastering techniques both ‘in the box’ and in the analogue domain to ensure every possibility has been covered. Our high end analogue gear from names such as Manley & Neve are tasked with the heavy lifting, leaving the plug ins to shape audio more surgically. We use plug ins from Universal Audio, BX Digital, Waves, Fabfilter & many more.

We have legendary Westlake Audio monitoring along with Adam, Genelec, Auratone and other near-fields to check the mastering translates to all systems in mono & stereo. We can deliver in a variety of formats & they are Mastered for iTunes (iTunes Plus), DDP, 24bit/16bit masters & ISRC embedded broadcast wav’s. We have all the industry standard authoring software such as Sonoris DDP creator and K Scale/PPM metering.

  • iAccepted formats - mp3, wav, pdf, doc, docx & xls
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